Rebers Fine Chocolates

Unfortunately at this time of the year, we are sold out of our "Rebers Fine Chocolates" products. A new shipment of "Rebers Fine Chocolates" chocolates is on order and will arrive in the September/October when summer heat subsides. At that time shipping "Rebers Fine Chocolates" fine chocolates becomes practical again.

PLEASE NOTE: The products displayed below are representative of the products that we will be featuring in the Fall. The products displayed below are currently Out Of Stock!

In 1865, almost one year after the Bavarian "Fairytale King" Ludwig II was crowned, the people of the capital city of Munich had another reason to come out and be seen in public.

PAUL REBER,the youngest son of Royal Court Judge Dr jur Franz Xaver Reber, opened a Confiserie Café. It quickly became the meeting place for Munich's Hautevolee, Officers and high ranked civil servants on the Bavarian Court. They made it a hobby to stop by for a cup of coffee and to discuss the issues of the times. Paul Reber quickly gained recognition for the high quality of his confections and delightful chocolate specialties.

Reber Mozart Kugel Counter Unit (100pcs)
Product ID : 0040-05-0002
Reber - Mozart Hearts Counter Unit (96 Pcs)
Product ID : 0040-01-0028
Reber - Black Forest Hearts Counter Unit (36 Pcs)
Product ID : 0040-01-0026
Reber Hearts Gift Box With 8 Mozart Hearts
Product ID : 0040-12-0003
Reber Mozart Specialties In Gift Box
Product ID : 0040-04-0009
Reber Gold Cord 15pc Window Gift Box
Product ID : 0040-04-0007
Reber Truffle Nougat Gift Box
Product ID : 0040-04-0006
Reber Constance Mozart Kugel Small Portrait (6 Pcs)
Product ID : 0040-04-0004
Reber Mozart Kugel Small Portrait (6 Pcs)
Product ID : 0040-04-0003
Reber Medium Portrait (12 Pcs)
Product ID : 0040-04-0001
Reber Assorted 10 Pc Kugel
Product ID : 0040-01-0001
Reber Mozart Kugel 8pc Bag
Product ID : 0040-02-0001
Reber Piano Bar
Product ID : 0040-01-0025
Reber Mozart Classic Milk Chocolate Bar
Product ID : 0040-01-0021
Reber - Mozart Milk Chocolate Praline Nougat Bar
Product ID : 0040-01-0027
Reber Round Gift Tin (15 Pcs)
Product ID : 0040-10-0001
Reber Mozart Kugel Violin
Product ID : 0040-06-0001