Godiva Chocolate Baskets

Godiva was founded 75 years ago in Brussels, Belgium by master Chocolatier Joseph Draps who named it in honor of the legend of Lady Godiva. Godiva Chocolates were introduced in the United States in 1966 and have become a legend amongst chocoholics. We are proud to feature a selection of Godiva's legendary chocolates in sumptuous chocolate baskets that make ideal gifts and well deserved treats for one's self

Godiva - The Best Of Godiva's Chocolate
Product ID : 0085-01-0003
Godiva - This Chocolate is For You
Product ID : 0085-01-0015
Godiva - Do it in Milk Chocolate
Product ID : 0085-01-0023
Godiva - An Introduction to Chocolate
Product ID : 0085-01-0019
Godiva - A Chocolate Medley
Product ID : 0085-01-0025
Godiva - Darkness Stirs and Wakes Imagination
Product ID : 0085-01-0021