Galaxy Desserts

Our fabulous Galaxy Dessert cakes are the creations of award-winning Pastry Chef Jean-Yves Charon who began training as a pastry chef in France at the age of 14. Rather than a single large cake which, once cut must be eaten quickly to enjoy its freshness and flavors, Galaxy cakes come in six 3-4 oz individually wrapped servings.

These handcrafted cakes represent the delightful fusion of the art of creating French pastries with the freshness and beauty of California cuisine.

NOTE: Galaxy Desserts products automatically ship Next Day Air

Galaxy - Mousse Sampler
Product ID : 0067-09-0001
Galaxy - Chocolate Truffle Marquise
Product ID : 0067-08-0002
Galaxy - Chocolate Ribbon Cake
Product ID : 0067-07-0001
Galaxy - Blackout Cake
Product ID : 0067-04-0001
Galaxy - Lava Cake
Product ID : 0067-03-0001
Galaxy - Grand Sequoia
Product ID : 0067-02-0001
Galaxy - Triple Mousse
Product ID : 0067-01-0001