DeBrand Fine Chocolates

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DeBrand - Connoisseur 16 PC
Product ID : 0036-12-0002
DeBrand - Sea Shell Box
Product ID : 0036-03-0010
DeBrand - Classic 56 piece Collection
Product ID : 0036-02-0002
DeBrand - Classic 28 piece Collection
Product ID : 0036-02-0001
DeBrand - 6 PC Truffle Collection
Product ID : 0036-01-0004
DeBrand - 12 PC Truffle Collection
Product ID : 0036-01-0001
DeBrand - Connoisseur 32 PC
Product ID : 0036-12-0003
DeBrand - Connoisseur 9 PC
Product ID : 0036-12-0001

DeBrand Chocolatier

Rarely will you find a product that has been created with such an intense commitment to perfection as DeBrand Fine Chocolates.

In 1987, after growing up in a family renowned for their confectionery expertise, Cathy Brand began her quest to create one of the world's great chocolate lines. Naming the business DeBrand by adding the French prefix "De" meaning "from" to her last name "Brand", Cathy passionately created and refined recipes to the highest of world-class standards.

The results of this on going quest for perfection are chocolates that are both visually stunning and exquisite to the taste. DeBrand's chocolates have attained national recognition. DeBrand was featured in the February 2000 Issue of Chocolatier Magazine and was voted one of America's best chocolatiers by Good Housekeeping. Rarely does a chocolatier attain such notable recognition.

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