Carys of Oregon

The story behind Cary's of Oregon is really something of a fairy tale.

Founder and president, Cary Cound, originally obtained the recipe for this deliciously good toffee from his wife's grandfather. The family had a tradition of making the candy and giving it as gifts for the holidays. Before long, there was a waiting list as Christmas rolled around. Friends insisted on becoming customers and soon a dream was born.

Applying knowledge and experience from his profession as a mechanical engineer, Cary was able to design and build some of the equipment still used today. Joined by a handful of partners, Cary's of Oregon, now four years old, has carved an impressive niche for itself in the gourmet food marketplace.

What's so special about Cary's English Toffee? It's the "soft-crunch", a lighter texture that makes it unique. Cary's makes ONLY English Toffee and uses all natural ingredients - the toffee is quick to melt in your mouth and release flavor.