Butlers Purveyors of Happiness

Unfortunately at this time of the year, we are sold out of our "Butlers Purveyors of Happiness" products. A new shipment of "Butlers Purveyors of Happiness" chocolates is on order and will arrive in the September/October when summer heat subsides. At that time shipping "Butlers Purveyors of Happiness" fine chocolates becomes practical again.

PLEASE NOTE: The products displayed below are representative of the products that we will be featuring in the Fall. The products displayed below are currently Out Of Stock!

In 1932, Ms. Bailey Butler started making delicious and original handcrafted chocolates in her kitchen in Dublin. Word got around and now you know the rest of the story!

People love Butlers because their chocolates are delicious, made from original recipes - many of which have been handed down through the years. Butlers strives to bring happiness to the world with chocolate. "Purveyors of Happiness" is in their job description.

Butlers - Dark Chocolate Orange with Almond Bar
Product ID : 0082-01-0045
Butlers White Chocolate with Mixed Berries Bar
Product ID : 0082-01-0033
Butlers Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Bar
Product ID : 0082-01-0031
Butlers Dark Chocolate Mint Crunch Bar
Product ID : 0082-01-0030
Butlers Butterscotch Milk Chocolate Bar
Product ID : 0082-01-0029
Butlers Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Bar
Product ID : 0082-01-0028
Butlers Milk Chocolate Bar
Product ID : 0082-01-0027
Butlers Mint Chocolate Truffle Bar
Product ID : 0082-01-0024
Butlers Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar
Product ID : 0082-01-0023
Butlers Milk Chocolate Caramel Crunch Truffle Bar
Product ID : 0082-01-0022
Butlers Jameson Irish Whiskey Truffle Bar
Product ID : 0082-01-0021
Butlers Hot Chocolate
Product ID : 0082-01-0037
Butlers - Large Artisans Collection
Product ID : 0082-01-0044
Butlers Filled Collection Truffles and Pralenes Gift Box
Product ID : 0082-01-0008
Butlers Irish Cream Truffles
Product ID : 0082-01-0005
Butlers Irish Coffee and Irish Cream Liqueur Truffles
Product ID : 0082-01-0003
Butlers - Jameson Irish Whiskey Truffle Tin
Product ID : 0082-01-0042
Butlers - Jameson Irish Whiskey Fudge
Product ID : 0082-01-0046