Bloomsberry Inc.

Chocolate is serious business or at least to some people. But to the zany staff at, chocolate is about fun! So we were delighted to find a chocolatier who takes a similar attitude to the making and packaging of chocolate bars.

So without further ado, we present to you the creative offerings of Vanessa Kettelwell (a cook) and her husband Giles Barker (from the world of graphic design). Though their backgrounds represents a clash of cultures, they nevertheless have imbued Bloomsberry Co. with a lack of seriousness, fun, humor and great chocolate.

Bloomsberry Bars - Beauty Bar
Product ID : 0080-22-0001
Bloomsberry Bars - Smooch
Product ID : 0080-01-0007
Bloomsberry Bars - Bearable
Product ID : 0080-01-0003
Bloomsberry Bars - White Emergency Chocolate
Product ID : 0080-01-0013
Bloomsberry Bars - Magic Fairy
Product ID : 0080-01-0009
Bloomsberry Bars - Balanced Diet
Product ID : 0080-01-0005
Bloomsberry Bars - Marital Bliss
Product ID : 0080-01-0001
Bloomsberry Bars - Fit for a Queen
Product ID : 0080-01-0023