Asbach Uralt

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Asbach Uralt

More than 70 years ago, in 1924, Hugo Asbach, a successful distiller in Ruedesheim on the Rhine, had the idea to surround his "Asbach Brandy" with carefully selected, delicate chocolate. Since nobody was able to meet his high quality specifications, he started his own chocolate production. Soon, his Asbach chocolates gained recognition from connoisseurs the world over as the most sophisticated liqueur chocolates available. To this day, "Ruedesheim Confiserie" continues his work producing the highest quality brandy chocolates.

Asbach Brandy Chocolates feature Asbach beans, which have no sugar crust, and therefore enhance the perfect harmony between chocolate and brandy. They also include the traditional square shaped brandy chocolates with a sugar crust.

Please Note: All Asbach Uralt products contain small amounts of alcohol and can NOT be shipped to Connecticut or Indiana.