About Us

Chocoholic.com is enjoying rarified territory as we celebrate 15 years in business. We were the first company to sell chocolate on the Internet. How many dotcoms can say that! But we are more than just any run of the mill dotcom… we are CHOCOHOLICS! We live, breath, sleep and oh yes…we EAT chocolate every chance we get, and we often drink it too! Did I mention that we LOVE chocolate?

Chocoholic.com was on the Internet before the Internet was cool, but now our children consider the Web a birth right. How times have changed, and the time for change at Chocoholic.com has arrived too. We have a new CEO, a new web site, new Chocolatiers joining us every month, and many new plans to make Chocoholic.com “The Place for Everything Chocolate”.

We have built our reputation on sticking to the basics and getting them right, including the best Customer Service you can find on the Web. Our foundation was built on the belief that our Customers not only deserve the best value they can find, but the most pleasurable experience possible while seeking to fulfill their own chocolate cravings or to share delicious gifts of chocolate with their loved ones, friends, family, Customers or employees.

With the re-launch of the company and an entirely new web site on October 15, 2011, we launched a number of new features including Chocoholic.com Concierge. We have many professionals, small companies, and large Corporations among our beloved Customers and when time is at such a premium in their busy work lives, Chocoholic.com is here to help recognize their most strategic Customers and important employees with gifts of chocolate, from smaller gifts that meet the IRS rules for employee gifting to the most decadent gift baskets and boxes imaginable. We take care of everything for you as a member of our Chocoholic.com Concierge Service, from managing your gift list, to picking gifts based on your preferences and budget, to sending gift messages to your recipients. The best part is that Concierge members receive great discounts based on their history of purchases with us